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Complete Veducation B.O.S.S Triology Set Special Offer: 

For those who are new and wants to completely transform their life with the help of unmatched Vedic wisdom, this is the way. This offer is especially for the students who wanted to get the books but weren't able to buy them, this is the best chance to get all books together in affordable price.

Book 1 : B.O.S.S: Basics of Sanatan Sanskriti : MRP = 599

Starting from the very basics of what is Sanatan Sanskriti, You will have all the foundational understanding of what is Soul, God, Demigods, Nature, Yoga, Karma, Dharma, Brahmanda, Time, Shastras and Sanatan Sanskriti. This book guarantees that you will be crystal clear about all the foundational questions of existence, life and spirituality.

Book 2 : Vedic Dincharya : MRP = 399

After understanding what is Sanatan Sanskriti and how glorious it is; the second step is to learn how to implement this eternal way of life into our daily routine practically and take our body, mind, career and spirituality to its fullest potential.

Book 3 : Brahmacharya : The Ultimate action book : MRP = 499

This is going to be the ULTIMATE Action Book that guarantees to bring your topmost potential out and make your life highest quality by removing all Depression, Anxiety and bad habits like porn, masturbation, intoxication, gambling etc and building you the constructive habits that makes your life the way it is meant to be and the way you know you can make it.

+ 2 Surprise Gift : Free Small Book 

As a token of our appreciation for being part of our Project Golden Bird, we are including 2 surprise small book with this package. Kindly accept it and use it to bring yourself closer to God.

Total Value : ₹1497

This invaluable collection of books is worth ₹1497, but for a limited time, we're offering it to you for just ₹799. Take advantage of this deal and start learning about Sanatan Sanskriti and let it change your life completely. 

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